Leadership and Management

Course Outline:

Leadership and Management: True professionalism

(*6 CPD credits)

Effective clinical leadership and management is about whole teams working together to deliver and improve patient care. This course covers key leadership and management topics by means of short lectures, small group work, discussion and reflection . This professional development day will be invaluable for those wishing to add leadership and management skills to their e-portfolio or for those who have identified the need to develop these competencies in their personal development plans.

Learning Objectives
By the end of the course participants will be able to;

1. Describe what makes an effective leader and explain the key differences between leaders and managers

2. Determine their own individual leadership style via a self-assessment questionnaire, and identify which qualities they need to be develop

3. List and describe three different leadership styles and identify key leadership qualities and recognise how these can be developed

4. Identify ways to motivate a team and explain the ‘towards’ and ‘away from’ strategies for motivation and the benefits and limitations of these approaches

5. List four steps for effective leadership planning

6. Identify and describe how to build an effective team and gain commitment from team members

7. Demonstrate the leadership and teamworking skills covered by participation in the ‘Village of the lost children ‘exercise

8. Describe the Management by Objective cycle and advantages and limitations of this approach

9. Explain when and how to apply the Positional Bargaining and Principled Negotiation models of negotiation

10. List five principles for successful negotiation

09:00 – 09:30: Welcome, registration and coffee.
9:30: Developing leadership potential : Group exercise – what makes a good leader?
Key differences between Leaders and managers. A self-assessment questionnaire will determine individual leadership styles, show which qualities need to be developed and how to nurture them : vision, accountability, communication, integrity, organisation, persistence. How to motivate your team: motivation theory: ‘towards’ and ‘away from’ strategies.

10:45: Refreshment break.

11:00: Introduction to Leadership theory; Leadership styles theory : authoritarian, delegative and democratic styles and which styles prevail during hard and easy times.
11:15: Effective leadership planning – The Four P’s;

  • Purpose – What are you trying to achieve as a leader?
  • Picture – What is your vision for the future?
  • Plan – a sequentially-organised list of actions.
  • Part to play – Give everyone a clear role in the team.

11:45: How to build effective teams and assess capability and commitment and give the right people the right job. Learn the most effective tool for assessing your team, The Welch Quadrant, and about the 4 types of employees.

  1. Capable and committed.
  2. Capable and uncommitted.
  3. Incapable and committed.
  4. Incapable and uncommitted.

12:15: Leadership & Team Building exercise: ‘Village of the lost children’ Attendees work together as part of a fictitious scenario in which they form part of a UN medical initiative to address life-threatening conditions in a remote village. This provides opportunity to practice the leadership and team working skills covered during the morning.

12:45: Lunch.

13:30: Management by Objectives: Classic management theory of realising strategic vision through management by objectives (MBO-Drucker, 1969). The MBO cycle: Objectives reviewed, Individual/team objectives set, Progress monitored, Performance evaluated, Achievement rewarded, new MBO process begins. Objective-setting exercises and review.

14:30: Refreshment break.

14:45: Negotiating skills Introduction to the two models of negotiation, Positional Bargaining and Principled Negotiation and when and how to apply them. The five principles of negotiation: separate people from problem, focus on mutual interests, investigate options, use objective criteria, and establish BATNA – Best Alternative to Negotiated Agreement to strengthen your position.

16:00: Question & answer session, reflection , summary and close at 16:30.

*application for accreditation by The CPD Certification Service pending.

Further details
The fee for this course is £199:00; there is the option to make a 20% deposit to secure your booking and pay the balance no later than 8 weeks prior to the course date. Please note this deposit is non-refundable should you be unable to take up your place.

Attendees will receive a CPD certificate of attendance and a copy of the course presentation slides.

Please contact us if you have any questions about this course by emailing info@trainingcoursesfordoctors.co.uk or by calling 07757 405063.