10 Half-day modules for up to 20 doctors

Delivered on-site at your designated venue
Certification provided

Module 1.
Multicultural communication skills for medicine
Module 2.
Interview skills
Module 3.
Leadership and team-working
Module 4.
Managing change in the NHS
Module 5.
Negotiation and conflict resolution
Module 6.
Presentation skills and managing meetings
Module 7.
Professionalism in medicine and reflective practice
Module 8.
Developing self-confidence and assertiveness
Module 9.
Teaching, coaching, and mentoring
Module 10.
Time management, goal-setting and personal organisation

One-to-one training, coaching and mentoring

We can address the specific training needs of individual doctors by offering one-to-one training at our office near Preston in Lancashire.

Interview skills (On-camera assessment and review)
Presentation skills (On-camera assessment and review)
Communication skills (On-camera assessment and review)
Self-confidence and assertiveness (On-camera assessment and review)
Exam preparation and technique (Mock exam)
Time management, goal-setting and personal organisation

To book or enquire about any course please email: info@trainingcoursesfordoctors.co.uk

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